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Welcome to our Key Work Portfolio! Each project is a testament to our dedication and creative prowess, spanning a wide array of fields, from hands on activities in arts and science, to stage shows for curating unique experiences for you.


Welcome to a world of creativity, innovation, and hands-on fun – Introducing the spectacular “Do-It-Yourself Zone” at our carnival! Prepare to embark on an extraordinary adventure where imagination knows no bounds. Unleash your inner artist, engineer, and inventor in a zone that promises endless excitement for all ages with DIY Zone, Creative Crafting, Inventive Building, Scientific Discovery.
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A fun-filled carnival that catered to children’s creativity, curiosity and joy of exploration featured four key activities
Young artists had the chance to unleash their creativity through painting, and designing their own masterpieces, sparking their imagination and artistic expression.

Science enthusiasts embarked on an exciting “Chandrayaan” adventure, where they learned about space exploration and our lunar mission.
Future engineers and tech-savvy kids had the opportunity to engage with robotics in a fun and interactive way.
Budding chefs and tiny teeny food lovers took part in a culinary adventure. They whipped up delicious treats, following step-by-step instructions and discovering their inner chefs.

An unforgettable science show that inspired curiosity, sparked imagination and left children with a newfound love for all things scientific. Our team of mad scientists took the stage to perform mind-blowing experiments that create spectacular chemical reactions making kids and families to grab their seats as they witnessed science in action like never before.
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Amidst the scenic outdoor setting, children and families enjoyed a harmonious blend of science, nature, and space exploration. The carnival encouraged a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around us by featuring a range of exciting activities.

Children delved into the mysteries of the natural world through captivating science activities. The carnival also paid tribute to the realm beyond our planet with a “Chandrayaan” activity. Kids embarked on a cosmic journey, learning about space exploration and India’s lunar mission. Young enthusiast had the opportunity to create their very own volcanic eruptions leaving them with memorable experiences and a deeper connection to the beauty and mysteries of nature and the cosmos.


Family Day is a day event organized by organizations, where employees and their families come together at the office/or outside venue for a day of bonding and enjoyment.
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Family Day at Ritu Kumar was a fantastic event that combined fashion and creativity for a memorable family experience. the event featured engaging activities like slime making, bath bomb making, and kaleidoscope design, making it a fun-filled day for all ages. Families had the opportunity to unleash their creativity while engaging in these hands-on activities. It was a day of fashion, fun, and family bonding that left everyone with cherished memories.
Family Day at Satyapaul was a thrilling and imaginative event that transported families to a prehistoric world. With a “Dino Land” theme, the event offered an exciting day to Kids and parents as they engaged in various dino-themed activities such as dino dig excavation and dino tooth making. The day was filled with adventure, discovery and cherished memories of families.
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A Magical Corporate Family Day at Reliance Brand Limited” In the world of corporate culture, fostering strong bonds and creating a sense of community among employees and their families is crucial. An event that transported employees and their loved ones into the whimsical and mystical realm of Hogwarts. The magical decorations and activities like wand-making, potion-brewing, and spell-casting created a unique and immersive experience for employees and their families
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7 cities, unlimited artistic extravaganza at Yellow Canvas A creative and inspiring event that brought together employees and their families with a wide range of art-related activities and experiences that catered to all ages. Families had the opportunity to work together on collaborative art projects like Fluid art, stone painting, puppet-making, and Tatoo artists thus making the day enjoyable for children and adults alike.


We support organizations in events to promote their brand, connect with stakeholders, and achieve various business objectives like Product Launch Events, Employee Engagement Events, Community Outreach Events, Brand Activation Events, Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives.
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During pandemic, your child’s safety was the top priority. Our virtual platform was secure, monitored, and kid-friendly, which provided an enriching, worry-free experience. Children embarked on a virtual science adventure with our expert instructor who guided them and engaged their curious minds making learning an absolute blast.
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Education didn’t stop during the pandemic. We’re proud to have played a role in keeping the flame of learning alive. Our DIY Online Science Workshop series inspired young minds to explore the wonders of science through a series of experiments that were performed using the primary material present in each household. Our passionate instructors made learning fun and engaging, even from a distance and created memorable experiences.
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Due to COVID-19, globally, many children are out of the classroom. Since March 2020, we have been bringing up online sessions for students who love science and math. Children perform simple experiments with the material easily available at home.
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Through digital platforms, we can reach distant areas. The idea was to engage kids and explore the world around them through hands-on activities using low-cost materials. We have been helping parents keep kids educated at home during the lockdown. Children from 3-12 years of age enjoyed more than 150 topics in the year 2020.


In store Activation creates memorable shopping experiences for your customer. It encompasses a wide range of dynamic and interactive experiences that are strategically crafted to enhance your customers’ journey from the moment they walk through the doors. Whether you’re a small boutique, a flagship store, or a large retail chain, In-Store Activation can be tailored to fit your brand’s unique identity and objectives.
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Egg-citing Easter Egg Hunt Extravaganza An unforgettable day filled with fun, laughter, and surprises where families embarked on a quest to discover hidden treasures and created wonderful memories together. The joy on children’s faces as they discovered hidden golden eggs and received grand prizes made the Easter extra memorable
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“Crafting Memories: Mother’s Day Art Workshop” At Hamleys, we had a perfect opportunity to celebrate the special bond between mothers and children in a truly creative way! Families got together to paint their idea of a family dream vacation and let their imagination run wild. It was a day to bond, create, and make cherished memories together, leaving with not only beautiful works of art but also a deeper connection between mothers and their children.
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“Dino Discovery: A Prehistoric Adventure Workshop” It was an exciting day for all young explorers and dinosaur enthusiasts as they journeyed back in time to explore the world of dinosaurs through engaging activities, hands-on learning, and lots of dino-themed fun. The Young paleontologists had the opportunity to participate in a thrilling dino dig excavation like the fossils and dino tooth, learn fascinating facts about these incredible creatures, and get creative with a range of dinosaur-themed activities. It was an event that had endless excitement, learning, and fun.
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Hamley’s was buzzing with excitement as children of all ages gathered for a delightful Rakhi-making activity. With colorful beads, ribbons, and a sprinkle of creativity, it was a day filled with joy and bonding. Many brothers and sisters teamed up, sharing ideas and giggles, creating Rakhis for each other. It was a heartening reminder of the significance of this traditional festival.


For your customers kids To educate your future customers, build positive associations, you could create experiences for your customers kids in form of holiday workshops in arts and science.
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The enchanting world of creativity came alive at Raheja’s where children embarked on a journey of imagination and hands-on learning. Our camp offered an exciting lineup of activities that left kids spellbound and eager to explore.It was a luminescent as the kids crafted glow jars and magic wands and with a riot of colors and a canvas as their playground, each artist became a master of their own swirling, vibrant universe.
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As summer days began to fade and the cool breeze of autumn swept in, our summer camp transformed into a realm of mystery and enchantment with our Halloween-themed science show, “Witch’s Laboratories.” With bubbling cauldrons, eerie concoctions, and flickering lanterns, children were in for an unforgettable adventure!
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It was an exciting summer of discovery and learning. At the end of ten days, young explorers had a deeper understanding of science and math and also a treasure trove of memories and friendships. Our workshop was designed to foster curiosity, critical thinking, and a lifelong love for learning. With these activities, our Summer Camp had truly become a place where learning and fun knew no bounds.
As the flowers blossomed and the air turned crisp, our Spring Camp at Lodha’s transformed into a time machine, taking kids on an incredible journey back in time to a land ruled by dinosaurs. The Dino Land Workshop was a roaring success, where young explorers became junior paleontologists and embarked on a prehistoric adventure. Armed with brushes and magnifying glasses, the young paleontologists carefully unearthed dinosaur fossils. Their gasps of delight echoed as they uncovered “ancient” bones and learned to identify different species.


Welcome to our Key Work Portfolio! Each project is a testament to our dedication and creative prowess, spanning a wide array of fields, from hands on activities in arts and science, to stage shows for curating unique experiences for you.
Door Step School instore activations, family days, carnivals and birthdays
Setting up the ‘Tinkershala”, study center at Door Step School in colaba basti was much more than teaching science in classrooms for us. The whole point of this program was to teach kids to make their own toys from trash based on topics which was already taught to them in municipal schools, like some balancing toys were shown to the children to understand the concept of center of mass and gravity. Sometimes, science demonstration was also given to them to understand the scientific concepts and their applications.
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With the idea that “it is in the hands of a educator that a visionflowers” We train teachers to bring fresh thought to the way they teach in class. Using common material how science can be learned is dealt with in the teacher training sessions.
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We help schools in setting up science labs. Each school has different needs, resources, and capabilities, therefore every school laboratory is a unique set. Our laboratory includes tabletop models with charts and training manuals. We also train the teachers and school staff on the use of various equipment and their upkeep.
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With an intent to bring a difference in the way science was taught in Mumbai city, we started volunteering/working with organizations. One such worthy of mention collaboration is with Sanjay Gandhi National Park to build and run some cool science workshops like Jurassic Park and its digging
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We have been working towards reaching out to children from all strata, especially those from financially challenged backgrounds. This is why we have joined hands with NGOs like Bright Future, We hold various science workshops and science shows for kids and also set up labs for the government schools and bastis.


Schools invite us for teacher training, students arts and science workshop and hosting carnivals on their annual days.
CHRIST SCHOOL instore activations, family days, carnivals and birthdays
We give a lot of teacher training in different schools and at different institutions. One such beautiful experience was at Christ church where all the children from primary and middle school came to understand about acid bases and principles. We built lot of things like cleaning products which could be used by kids on a daily basis. It was a wholesome day spent making bath bombs and perfumes etc.
INODAI instore activations, family days, carnivals and birthdays
In Inodai, we had setup toys from trash exhibition where children could make science models and learn about water pressure, deciphering and light refraction and all the different theories and principles of science. This was part of Inodai’s annual carnival.
Besant Montessari instore activations, family days, carnivals and birthdays
On a bright and sunny day, the Besant Montessori School campus transformed into a hub of scientific wonder and discovery as students, teachers, and parents gathered to celebrate the remarkable life and legacy of Maria Montessori on her death anniversary. The occasion was marked by a grand Science Carnival organized by us, where the spirit of exploration and learning thrived. The Science Carnival featured a wide array of exhibits and activities that covered various branches of science. Students and their families embarked on a journey through scientific marvels, where they could explore, experiment, and learn together.
The Science Carnival at PolyMath School was not just an event; it was a celebration of curiosity, creativity, and the spirit of inquiry. It aimed to ignite young imaginations and inspire a lifelong love for science. One of the highlights of the carnival was the Dino Excavation Expedition, where young paleontologists embarked on an archaeological adventure. Throughout the carnival, a myriad of science-themed activities engaged students and parents alike
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