10+ Birthday Party Themes For Kids You Cannot Skip Considering

Is your kid’s birthday around the corner? You might be super excited and so must be your kid, isn’t it? We caught you right. Kid’s birthday parties are always rocking and full of fun, snacks, and a theme. Yes, you heard that right. Theme parties are now common and hence they add more thrill to a birthday party.

A theme party is a fun party that is based on one of them, say, a harry potter theme, bubble-gum theme, Bollywood theme, cartoon theme, etc. Your kid is too young to select a particular theme for their birthday party and hence you as a parent would only have to select a theme that best suits your child’s personality. For this, you need to understand your child’s interests and what the specific interests of your child are.

Planning a themed birthday party isn’t easy but it is thrilling and interesting. You can even choose DIY themes, and games so that it overwhelms the guests and your kid’s friends.

Blue Sparrow Science Birthday Party Themes

Let’s have a read of various themes which you can consider for your kid’s birthday party.

Theme ideas for the kid’s birthday party!

Harry Potter Themed Science Party

Harry Potter theme

If your little one is fond of Harry Potter, then choosing the Harry Potter theme would be of ultimate fun. This would create a realistic feel for your kid and they will feel that Harry Potter has come to attend their birthday party in real life. You can use props and accessories to make the theme party look realistic. You can use Hogwarts seal stamps on the invitation cards. This would give an authentic wizardry feel to the invitation cards.

Not just this, you can also buy or make floating candles yourself. This would give your kid a feeling of a Great hall that you can light up with white and LED candles. Furthermore, hanging owl balloons would make the party look like a realistic harry potter themed party. And yes, how can you forget the sorting hat? This would fascinate every kid present at the party and would give an ultimate feeling of Slytherin.

Space-themed birthday party

Celebrating your kid’s birthday party in an out-of-the-box manner would be ultimate, right? How can you do that? Well, how about a space-themed birthday party? It would probably make the birthday party memorable for your kid. Choose the food, mood, décor, and other things in space-themed and this would give an ultimate space feel to your kid.

This would be even more interesting for your child if he or she has an interest in science and science-related things. You can buy a mini version of the solar system and decorate the birthday venue with it. This would make the birthday evening splendid and hence your kid and his or her friends would get to learn a lot from the same.

Choosing space-themed party lights would increase the appeal of the party. Decorate your space with lights featuring aliens, UFOs, spaceships, etc hence this is one of the best ways to portray themed parties. You can also set up a DIY space-themed photo booth for kids and their parents.

Alien balloons are another best idea for decorating the party venue. This would fascinate the kids and grab their attention.

Space Theme Science Party
Rainbow Unicorn Theme Science Party

Rainbow unicorn theme

Unicorns are in trend and there is much stuff related to kids which are there in the market in ample varieties. Coming to unicorn-themed parties, the environment of the party should be kept all pink and white and rainbow shaded as it would define the theme quite well. You can also think of getting a unicorn- styled cake for your kid’s birthday party. This would enable you to celebrate your kid’s birthday party in a full unicorn theme.

Not just this, get a unicorn-themed birthday dress for your kid with wings that have an intricate pattern onto it with a gorgeous color scheme. 

Mermaid theme

If it’s your baby girl’s birthday, you can undoubtedly choose a mermaid theme. Choose mermaid costumes for your girl and get beautiful decorations done at the party venue. This would give a perfect feeling of a mermaid theme to your kid. You can even get mermaid-styled invitations designed for the party which will add spark to your little one’s party.

Furthermore, when you choose to return gifts for your kid’s friends, choose thematic gifts rather than the usual ones. Choose something related to mermaids, sea, floral reefs, etc to make it a realistic theme party.

Mermaid Theme Science Party
Classic Science Theme Party

Classic Science theme

Classic science-themed birthday parties are best suited for the kids who have an interest in science-related equipment such as test tube bottles, experiments, lab coats, telescopes, and others. If you throw a birthday party which is full of decorations with this equipment; it’ll amaze your child and hence the birthday party would be a lot more memorable and fun.

For this, you can think of turning the venue into a dry ice lab in which you can place cotton balls in place of snow and keep the environment white. Moreover, you can also think of keeping the dress code as per the science theme such as lab coats with lab glasses and also ID cards. This would bring a feel to the classroom and it’ll be a good treat for your child at their birthday party.

You can even erupt volcano cakes on your child’s classic science-themed birthday. Along with that, plan some DIY activities for kids such as slime play, bath bombs, kaleidoscope, etc to bring liveliness to the theme party.

Dinosaur Theme

Revisit the Jurrasic era by throwing a dino-mite birthday party for your kid on his or her birthday. A dinosaur-themed party would bring a thrill to the kids as they would fear the animated fake dinosaurs but this would create a very thrilling memory for all of them. Introduce the kids to various tools and games of the ancient times when dinosaurs existed. Introduce them to fossils, and paleontology tools and make them win dinosaur-themed gifts such as dino teeth, etc. This would create a craze among them to play and win and this would make the party alive.

You can even choose dinosaur-themed return gifts such as dino snot slime, dino egg bath bomb making, fossil making, soaps with dino toys in them, and much more exciting stuff.

Dinosaur Themed Science Party
Superhero Theme Science Parties

Superhero theme

Every kid has a superhero whether it is avengers, marvel, Mr. Bean, Chota bheem, Oswald, noddy, ben 10, spider-man, captain America, hulk smash, etc. So why not keep a superhero theme at your kid’s birthday party? Suppose how exciting and fun it would be when all the kids will be dressed in the attire of their favorite superhero? It’ll bring diversity to the party and hence all of them would be looking fun. This would create a lifelong memory for all the kids out there at the party.

You can keep exciting gifts that will be distributed to the winner of the games such as superman soap, superhero kaleidoscope, captain America slime, stone painting, fridge magnets, glow jar, bath bomb, etc.

Bubble theme

Bubbles are a thing that never fails to fascinate people no matter whatever may be their age. They always bring the old times back in the memories of people and they start making bubbles big and small and smile when they fade away. Even kids love to burst the bubbles upon seeing them and hence this is something that gives them ultimate pleasure and happiness. So, why not keep a bubble-themed birthday party celebration for your kid?

You can place bubble food at the party and also you can use cutleries which seem just like that of bubbles, thin and crystal clear.

Bubble Theme Science Party
Minecraft Theme Science Party

Minecraft Theme

Kids who have an interest in objects such as Newton's wheel, video games, illusion toys such as marble spin, catapult, bots, etc deserve to have a grand Minecraft-themed birthday party. Decide the dress code of the party as robots and take the complete fun of the same by clicking your kid’s pictures in this ultimate costume.

Frozen Theme

The frozen theme is mainly for girls. Why? Because it is related to princesses and keeping the dress code of a princess would be an ideal decision. For boys, you can choose attire like that of a prince and this would make an ultimate fusion for the same.

Princess Theme Science Party
Art Theme Parties

Art Party Theme

If your kid loves creativity, art, visuals, colors, paintings, drawings, and other things, then this art-themed party is just for them. In this, you can keep activities such as DIY drawing, DIY creativity, ink mug, spin art on paper, tie and die t-shirt, fabric marbling, stone painting, etc. This would create an interest and enthusiasm among the kids to stay at the party for longer and enjoy.

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