Science is known to be the core of every matter in this world. It always fantasizes our minds with its amazing facts and overall knowledge. How from tiny to tiny matter in this world is revolving around science just blows up our curious minds. 

To make science more understandable and interesting for kids, The Bluesparrow Science Party organizes the best science kids parties, birthday parties, science workshops, theme parties, and many more enthralling activities.

Science workshops are organized by great teachers who have the best elaborative knowledge about Science. Bluesparrow plans out activities according to the age group of kids and to their science syllabus. We focus on making kids learn Science in the easiest and most entertaining way so that their minds get all the knowledge without any obstructions.

Pune is the place where food is the love language for people. You will notice that in a second the moment you enter the local market or step outside in the streets.

To maintain this love language and also provide mindful knowledge to kids, Bluesparrow Science Party has organized a complete science party food meal, where your kids can enjoy the best time ever of their life. Kids’ birthday parties are fun, especially when they are formulated in a manner that makes them unique and hence the best science-themed party for kids

Moreover, easy food for a science birthday party is provided here at no extra cost. So, if you are planning your kid’s birthday, you can choose Bluesparrow science workshop and parties at El Tara Building, Orchard Avenue, Panchkutir Ganesh Nagar Behind Delphi Building, next to Lakme Salon opp. Odyssey-2nd, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076. 

Why is Bluesparrow the best for a kid’s party?

Well, kids love to be surrounded by a theme where they can enjoy with their friends, eat the best theme-based food, click exciting pictures, play games, and so on. Here at Bluesparrow, you get the best treatment from our team as they are so concerned about your enjoyment and fun. 

Here at Bluesparrow, you get a Harry Potter show, which your kids would love the most. Every child is fascinated with Harry Potter and hence here at Bluesparrow, they can spend the best birthday with science-themed birthday party decorations and whatnot. 

Along with that, space shows are another attraction which is provided here at Bluesparrow. By space shows we mean the complete dim light shows, which grabs the attention of your child and makes them go wow.

We at Bluesparrow also have other activities like slime making, perfume making, soap making, snow in the ball. So, if your kids love to explore the world of games, where they get to learn different varieties of games, you can surely get your child enrolled in our workshop at Bluesparrow.

So, if you are looking for science lab games, science party favor ideas, or science experiment birthday party, do book Bluesparrow, an ultimate theme party destination.

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