Science Experiment at Birthday Party

People Make A Company

STAGE 3 BUTTERFLY STAGE Sparkles Science was built by youngsters who want to bring a change in the field of science education. All the success of sparkles science is attributed to them. With a bunch of highly enthusiastic young science graduates we jumped into letting

Science Theme Party Blue Sparrow

Kids Science Workshops

A content-heavy organization like ours requires endless hours of research on making science fun. From the year 2013, we started a boot camp in May. It is a rigorous month focused on delivering in-depth knowledge of various scientific concepts through hands-on learning. Water rockets, Newton’s

Science Birthday Party by Blue Sparrow

Project Ganga

A project started in 2012, the aim was to teach at local schools and inculcate the habit of learning so they can get “Freedom from Rote”. No agenda… No report…Only one objective:- “Teach kids, the way they should be taught”. This experience was invaluable to

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