Blue Sparrow Science Party – Science Themed Birthday Party, Science Workshops and Camps in Mumbai

Blue Sparrow Science Party in Mumbai
Blue Sparrow Science Party in Mumbai

Who doesn’t like birthday parties? Everyone does. Especially the kids and that is why Bluesparrow Science Party Evershine Sapphire is chosen as the venue of the party to make the kid’s birthday party special. Not just this, the birthday party has been booked at the above-mentioned venue whose address is Evershine Sapphire DP road Chandivali Powai. The venue chosen is a central location so there will be no difficulty for the students to reach the aforesaid venue. 

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Along with that, there are some cool birthday party themes for adults as well. So, the adults who will be accompanying their kids have something to enjoy too. Birthday themes are always fun, especially for kids. They dress up in the theme mentioned, bring various props and whatnot.

Blue Sparrow Science Party for Kids

So, if you are also willing to organize your kid’s birthday party in any theme, you can reach out to Blue Sparrow and we will help you with various kids’ birthday party themes. 
Even if you are looking to organize some cultural event for kids like science shows or science carnivals, you can do so. We also organize kids’ workshops so you have ample party options by choosing us.

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What this workshop will help you with?

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Blue Sparrow Science Workshop

If your kid has an interest in science, this workshop is purely for them. This is because Bluesparrow science parties are designed in such a way that makes them interactive and brings the best out of your budding scientist. So, if you are interested in taking this workshop for your kid, you will have to reach out to Andheri, Prabhadevi, Belapur, Mumbai.
Also, if you think that your kid develops stress while learning or does not easily grasp up what’s being taught to them, then you can also make them attend this workshop going on at EI Tara Building, Orchard Avenue, Panchkutir Ganesh Nagar Behind Delphi Building, next to Lakme Salon opp. Odyssey-2nd, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076. It will help them to burn their stress and provide them with helpful ways to learn and to grow rapidly.

Along with that if you are willing to help your child with various other skills like making bath salt, perfume making, kaleidoscope, etc, you can easily get them enrolled in Bluesparrow science workshop and Party at Dosti Iris, Dosti Acres, S M Road, Wadala East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400037.

Why must you choose us?

Blue Sparrow Science Events
Blue Sparrow Science Events

You must choose Blue Sparrow because we do not just organize birthday party themes but also science workshops for kids. Kids are usually so much interested in seeing what they learn in books in real-life sessions and that is why our themes are so real and happening for kids. Just like the schools organize science labs for kids, we take it as a theme and turn it into a birthday party theme so that the kids can easily relate to it.
So, are you searching for a science birthday party near me but finding nothing? No worries, we are here to help you out. Make the birthday parties a fun area by choosing Blue Sparrow, an ultimate birthday destination.

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We love to do Science parties because we truly believe that Science can be fun. Contact our Party Planner or events coordinator drop an email or give us a call here…

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